Japanese Studies at the Iberoamerican Context

Tipo de presentación: PONENCIA
TítuloJapanese Studies at the Iberoamerican Context
Evento: Director’s Talk Panel Discussion, Annual Forum
Lugar: Terasaki Center for Japanese Studies, University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA)
Ciudad/país: Los Angeles, Estados Unidos
Fecha: 17 de Mayo, 2013

Resumen: This talk addressed the current state of Japanese Studies in Hispanic Iberoamerica (that is Latin America and Spain). It briefly presented and evaluated the only few programs in Japanese Studies (undergraduate and graduate) in the area, as well as the research activity for Japanese Studies in Spanish language. Our interest here was not only to discuss what has been done, but most of all, which are the problems and challenges we are facing, and which kind of strategies we can develop in order to build a better contribution to the field and also a better integration and collaboration with other similar programs worldwide.

Enlace a la página web donde se evalúan los resultados del evento

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