Passionate Liaisons: Writings and Images within Makura-e

Tipo de presentación: PONENCIA
TítuloPassionate Liaisons: Writings and Images within Makura-e
Evento: 12th International Conference, European Association for Japanese Studies (EAJS)
Lugar: Universidad de Salento
Ciudad/país: Lecce, Italia
Fecha: 20-23 de Septiembre, 2008

Resumen: The makura-e production and the highly dynamic popular culture into which it was rooted, not only fertilized other cultural systems, implemented strategies to deceive the official control imposed upon its transgressive productions, but also, thanks to its production and commercialization, contributed to the expansion of reading practices, and to the birth of a public critical space. Departing from the idea of the makura-e as an iconotext, this paper analyzes the interconnecting bounds between writings and images at the erotic prints production of the Edo period Japan. Which were the roles of the image and of the writing within the general design of the production? Which were their most frequent uses considering makura-e’s particular narrative and visual devices? It is possible to establish different strategies taking into consideration differing cultural circuits? At the same time it will be examined the textual nature of the image and the visual character of the writing, exploring some makura-e examples never studied before, from a number of Japanese collections.

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